introduces $43M ESOPs plan

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24/10/22 introduces $43M ESOPs plan

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#SharingSucceeding, a conversational AI platform, has unveiled a $43 million employee stock option plan (ESOPs) for its worldwide staff.

Conversational AI platform has announced the rollout of an employee stock option plan (ESOPs) worth $43 million for its global workforce. The ESOPs program will provide maximum flexibility to employees by extending quarterly vesting post a one-year cliff period. CEO Raghu Ravinutala stated that the company is committed to being an employee-first organisation and that the ESOPs program is a way to recognise the valuable contributions of employees to the company’s success.’s proprietary NLP engine and platform enables enterprises to build chatbots and voice bots in nearly 100 languages across 35 channels for functions such as customer support, customer engagement, conversational commerce, and employee experience. With a global workforce of 900+ and an annual growth of 3X, the company is expanding across various markets including Australia, Japan, Africa, Latin America, the US, the UK, and Europe while also strengthening its presence in India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.’s Chief Human Resource Officer, Neeru Mehta, stated that with the current global shifts, a people-first approach is crucial and that the ESOPs program not only accelerates growth but also makes it easier for employees to be a part of the company’s journey. With this ESOPs program, aims to empower its employees to achieve their personal goals and contribute to the company’s business goals, drive further accountability, hire the right talent, create wealth for its employees and implement its long-term vision more effectively.

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