Slice buys back employee stock options

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Slice, the Indian fintech, buys a portion of its employee stock options for more than AUD $11M.

Slice, the Indian Fintech unicorn buys back AUD $11M worth of employee stock options

Slice, the Indian Fintech, reached the unicorn status in November 2021, after a USD $220M funding round co-led by Insight Partners and Tiger Global.

The Bangalore-based credit card challenger claims 7 million users since its launch in 2016.  

To reward some of its employees, Slice has decided to buy back their employee stock options. 

As the company is privately held and hasn’t been acquired, the employees who had vested their employee stock options couldn’t cash out. 

The buyback process gave to the eligible employees the possibility to convert their ESOP into cash. 


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Image Credits: Slice

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